Photo Galleries

Frances also take photographs, and her images have appeared in hundreds of travel publications around the world including guidebooks, coffee table books, textbooks, calendars, advertisements and posters. 

She is also a Getty-accredited photographer, and gives regular talks on travel photography at shows such as the Daily Telegraph Adventure Show, for organisations such as BBC Worldwide, travel companies and for bookshops.

The first gallery, Photo Gallery: Travels, is a small selection of images snapped while on writing assignment; the second, Photo Gallery: On the Road gives a tiny insight into life as a travel writer with all its mishaps and misadventures.

Photo Gallery: Travels

The following is a very small selection of images taken in various countries and continents during the course of Frances’ travels. Click on the images to enlarge them and view their captions:

Photo Gallery: On the Road

The following photos were taken on assignment while Frances was carrying out research for travel publications or TV work and give a glimpse of ‘life on the road’.


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