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Frances' first, 1st-edition guidebook, Ethiopia, Eritrea & Djibouti was dubbed "Lonely Planet's best ever" by reviewers and readers and was also nominated for the Travellex-Observer Guidebook of the Year Award. It is still considered a benchmark by the publisher.


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Ethiopia, Eritrea & Djibouti - First Edition

LP guides are great, but this is even better

5 stars     

By Maurizio Giuliano (Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina)

"...This (Lonely Planet guide), among them all, is perhaps the best one. It provides great information for the traveler, with plenty of tips, and I have not found one single error or flaw. Meanwhile, all the information and advice are filled with a great sense of humour, and marvelous writing style... Deep knowledge on the region also transpires from the book, which provides extremely thrilling and interesting insights into the region's history and culture. All in all, the author did a great unparalleled job… I wish I could meet her and personally congratulate her. Frances, even though I don't know you, well done! ..."

Excerpt of review of Ethiopia, Eritrea & Djibouti

Best LP guide

5 stars     

By Delyan Manchev (Sofia, Bulgaria)

"...this is the best LP guide ever. Full with information and helpful advices, there is everything. And what was my surprise - the guide is written only by one writer, a woman and all the pics are taken by her. Congratulations Frances Linzee Gordon and LP for this masterpiece. This is not only a good guide, it's a good book!"

Excerpt of review of Ethiopia, Eritrea & Djibouti


"Frances is one of the best travel writers out there. She always brings a fresh approach and keen eye, making you feel as if you're on the road with her. She comes up with great new ideas and writes lively, fluid, interesting copy. Experienced and professional, Frances is a top-notch writer you can rely on."

Sian Lezard, Senior Editor, Insight Guides

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"...Her skills as an author, from researching to writing are impeccable... It was a complete pleasure to work with Frances and I cannot recommend her enough as a writer and as a person of unique professional integrity."

Jason Mitchell, Senior Editor, Insight Guides​


"...The depth and breadth of Frances’ research in Saudi Arabia was exceptional, and I was thrilled with the resulting manuscript - it exceeded even my high expectations... Frances is delightful to deal with: she is among my very favourite authors. She has absolute integrity, she is extremely hard-working, and she inspires those she works with to do great work themselves."

Kerryn Burgess, Commissioning Editor, Middle East, Lonely Planet


"...Frances was a pleasure to work with: witty and responsive, her research was impeccable, her desire to cooperate in the production of the book was second to none... Frances writes with consummate ease: she managed to infuse the text with a genuine and palpable sense that conveyed to the reader that she had indeed travelled over every centimetre of the Horn of Africa... editorial staff universally said that her prose was a pleasure to edit. Her ability to condense information and enliven prose is exemplary... Frances is without doubt the best author I know."

Susan Holtham, Coordinating Editor, Lonely Planet


In 2008, Frances was asked to represent Lonely Planet as an author-spokesperson during an important media campaign across Australia. The following are a few testimonials following her TV, radio and bookshop appearances:


Avid Reader Bookshop, Sydney, Australia , on bookshop talk:

"...Frances was a pleasure. Both Fiona and I think we would have loved her to stay and become our personal friends. She was delightful. The customers loved her too... It was the very best slide show I have ever come across.”

Krissy Kneen & Fiona Stager, bookshop owners


ABC Radio, Sydney, Australia, on radio interview:

"...It was a pleasure to have you on our program. We’d love to do regular segments with you… Andrew (Daddo) really enjoyed the interview and commented that you have a lovely voice for radio. Your stories were amazing as well...”

Lindsay Banffy, Evenings Producer 702, ABC


Following a debate Frances chaired at the Royal Geographical Society, London, with Jonathan Dimbleby and Gus Casely-Hayford:

“...I have never been to an event that provoked such a positive reaction from the audience. (Frances) was completely brilliant, chairing, guiding the evening with such style and finesse. It was a great pleasure to be a part of - thank you."

Gus Casely-Hayford, cultural historian, writer & presenter


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